Using portable measurement equipment we are able to certify the manual welding equipment and pneumatic.


To provide a high-precision measurement service we use measurement arms Romer and laser tracker Laica.


In addition to testing, our engineers also take care of development, being equipped with basket, speaking on the blocks by adjusting the geometry, if necessary.


Our goal is to ensure speed and fairness in the interventions of the testing.



Use sectors: automotive, aerospace and rail.



Placing the most important existing technology the measuring machine range (Hexagon) we are able to meet the most varied demands intervention by ensuring high precision.


The laboratory is also able to supply custom-made programs.



Use sectors: automotive, aerospace and rail.



The combination of the Hardware with the right Software and the use of a technician with extensive experience allows us to work calmly and confidently in rebuilding or analyze objects without having to touch them strength.


Today the reverse engineering is for us 30% of our measuring services ranging between the different sectors.



Use sectors: automotive, aerospace, railway, industry white and general industrial.



The industry in addition to asking more and more often the intervention of highly trained technicians seek the solution that is often the most economical but at the same time more complex.


The creation of specific programs for the customer requires great knowledge of the direct product sector, as well as great flexibility in being able to adapt their knowledge to the demands of the customer.


We create measurement programs in mechanical engineering, sheet metal and plastic in all market sectors.



Use sectors: automotive, aerospace and rail.


The need to intervene during the phases of production PILOT is one of our most usual activities.


The attitude in the ability to adapt to specific customer requirements during the early stages of production, or during the first molding analysis and laser cutting allows us to best assist the customer.


Today we are one of the few companies able not only to measure the geometry but also to know how to intervene for the necessary corrections to get the millet grown.



Use sectors: automotive, aerospace and rail.



We are structured for the training of Hardware and Software.


We provide, in collaboration with Hexagon, the formation of the whole range of Hexagon products in addition to other systems.


We offer training for:


- CMM automatic Dea

- anthropomorphic arms Romer

- LEICA laser tracker

- optical CMM

- software PCDMIS

- software Mirai

- software TUTOR

- software Spatial analyzer 

- software Polyworks

- software Metrolog


Automotive and more frequently with larger groups, more and more is required of the Control Plan drafting.


Always Check Solution is able to create, manage, and organize the Control Plan activities.


The task is to create a dimensional control method of analysis that you would run through a careful analysis of the car's geometry, games and profiles, stamping and laser cutting needs.


The activity is performed in our office and/or at the customer, the technicians are highly experienced able to manage and extract the features using the latest cad.